Getting Started

If you are considering independent pharmacy ownership as a Health Mart, the application and transition process may seem overwhelming — especially if you have been part of a different pharmacy franchise in the past.

We make the process of becoming a Health Mart simple and streamlined — from our unique pharmacy franchise model with a low monthly fee to our hands-on relationship management to make transition and setup as painless as possible. Learn how Health Mart helps you get started.

Pharmacy Ownership

Pharmacy Ownership

Considering becoming a pharmacy owner for the first time? Independent pharmacy ownership positions you to be able to deliver excellent service and clinical focus to patients so you can become more involved in better health care.

McKesson Rx Ownership consultants will help you evaluate whether a Health Mart independent pharmacy is the right choice — and can even help match you with a pharmacy owner who may be interested in selling a Health Mart. If interested in learning more about the business basics of owning a pharmacy, visit

Application and Transition Process

Application and Transition Process

We have designed the Health Mart application and transition process to minimize disruption to your pharmacy business while ensuring that you get the most from your Health Mart membership.

Application process

The application process is designed to be extremely simple. To become a Health Mart franchisee, you must sign an agreement acknowledging that you will comply the franchise requirements, including mandatory enrollment in select programs.

Health Mart does not require an initiation fee to join, and membership requires a fixed monthly franchise fee. Franchisees have the option to leave the franchise with no financial penalty if they provide 90 days' written notice.

Transition process

You'll work with a Health Mart franchise manager, a dedicated McKesson retail sales manager, and a whole team of experts in retail pharmacy to ensure a flawless transition to Health Mart.

We help you design your store, set up your purchasing, select and implement the programs that fit your needs, and begin taking advantage of all your Health Mart benefits. And we ensure that the transition process is as undisruptive as possible to your business.

Contact us today to talk about next steps for becoming a Health Mart pharmacy franchisee!

Ready to get started?

"From day one as a Health Mart pharmacy, our business has gone up 20%. I definitely think that's because of the Health Mart look. The first thing that customers say when they walk in the door is, 'Wow.' I think it's also the customer service that Health Mart pharmacies offer that the other pharmacies don't."

Andy Palans
Owner, Wharf Health Mart
Appleton, MO

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