Business-Building Programs

Health Mart delivers a broad and always evolving portfolio of pharmacy business management and clinical programs. We maintain ongoing dialog with our members to stay ahead of industry challenges and deliver programs that position your pharmacy to stay competitive.

Attract New Customers

Attract New Customers

Drive new and repeat traffic to your pharmacy with innovative pharmacy marketing programs that leverage Health Mart's strong national brand while maintaining a local focus . Our pharmacy marketing and branding programs appeal to consumers in your community and give your pharmacy the competitive edge.

Pharmacy marketing and branding programs include:

  • Distinctive exterior signage and interior décor
  • Listings by the top PBMs in patient-facing materials
  • Customizable store website
  • Online Marketing Toolkit for customizable ads and marketing materials
  • Support for local marketing efforts

Maximize the Value of Existing Customers

Maximize the Value of Existing Customers

Your current customers can be your most valuable — to your business and your pharmacy's bottom line. Keep them coming back with innovative programs, superior products, and great pricing.

Programs include:

  • A pharmacy front end purchasing and merchandising program that creates an attractive and profitable front end
  • A diabetes products center that combines wide product selection with educational resources
  • Health Mart-branded OTC healthcare products
  • A generic Rx purchasing program with unparalleled access and low prices you can pass on to consumers
  • Adherence counseling and other clinical programs to improve outcomes and generate new revenue streams

Enhance Efficiency

Enhance Efficiency

As you grow, finding ways to become more efficient is essential. Health Mart delivers a suite of programs and products focused on pharmacy efficiency — so you can grow your business using your existing resources, drive pharmacy medication safety, and spend more time with your patients.

Programs and products include:

  • A leading Rx generics program that delivers competitive pricing and industry-leading monthly performance rebates that help grow your margins
  • A managed care network that helps you obtain excellent reimbursement rates, terms, and conditions on more than 9,000 contracts with more than 70 PBMs, including Medicare Part D plans and closed networks.
  • A reimbursement program that combines automated claim resubmission, market-leading pre- and post-edits, analytic services, and a dedicated advisor who identifies untapped opportunities
  • Technology solutions designed to drive pharmacy efficiency and profits, while helping you improve customer satisfaction, maximum pharmacy efficiency, and create more time for personalized patient care
  • Pharmacy automation technology that helps you automate manual tasks
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"The Health Mart brand gives us trustworthiness and professionalism. It also gives us strength in numbers, as all three of our locations are Health Marts. The operations manual, the HIPAA manual, and the managed care portion of Health Mart have all been tremendous assets to the overall bottom line of our business."

Jon Brunswig
Owner, Scott City Health Mart Pharmacy
Scott City, KS

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