The Health Mart Difference

As a Health Mart franchisee, you're part of a network of thousands of best-in-class independent pharmacies benefitting from a comprehensive portfolio of programs that helps you compete and improve profitability. In addition, you align with a national brand widely recognized for superior customer service. But at the same time, you maintain full control over how you position and market yourself in your community, so you can promote the unique qualities of your store.

Assets for Your Competitive Edge

Assets for Your Competitive Edge
  • Professional exterior and interior signage and décor that aligns you to the Health Mart pharmacy national brand and fosters loyalty and recognition
  • Association with the brand recognized by consumers and acclaimed third party organizations, such as Consumer Reports, as a leader in customer satisfaction
  • Recognition by the top PBMs, including listings of Health Mart in patient-facing materials

Different Kind of Franchise

Different Kind of Franchise

Health Mart presents a pharmacy business model that is designed for today's independent pharmacy. You can enjoy all the benefits of independent pharmacy ownership with a robust and flexible portfolio of programs and resources, but without the obligations and commitment that other franchises require.

Unlike other pharmacy franchise opportunities, Health Mart:

  • Does not require an initiation fee to join
  • Requires only a fixed monthly franchise fee, with no revenue requirements
  • Includes a no-fault, opt-out clause that lets franchisees leave the franchise without penalty at any time with 90 days' written notice



As a member of the Health Mart network, you are aligning your pharmacy with McKesson Corporation, a health care company dedicated to providing better, safer care and better business health for the entire industry.

As a member of the McKesson family, Health Mart has access to the industry knowledge and expertise and extensive resources that give your pharmacy the competitive edge. You get:

  • Strong connections to third-party payors, manufacturers, physicians and other key players
  • More than 175 years of experience in healthcare
  • A diverse and robust portfolio of capabilities in every area of healthcare from technology to distribution
Ready to get started?

"We decided to make the move to Health Mart mainly because Health Mart offers a more service-oriented approach to pharmacy--and that's really what we're all about. I don't think we would be competitive in the market without Health Mart."

Robby Jones
Owner, Giant Genie Pharmacy
Charlotte, NC

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